The fact that you are seeking to resolve issues that are causing you difficulties is the first step toward emotional relief. As a psychodynamic socioemotional therapist, I have the tools to help you realize your fullest emotional potential by assisting you in the understanding of who you are and who you can become. Often, our greatest limitations are the best indicators of our strengths. They provide us with a marker of who we are in this moment as well as signal emotions needing expression and resolution. I can help you interpret the emotions you are experiencing to discover how they can be tools in understanding yourself.

If you are looking for help through a difficult situation, support with depression, anxiety, grief, medical issues, trauma/PTSD, catastrophic illness/loss, chronic pain/illness, disability, continuity of care, special education, adoption issues, family issues, LGBTQIA+/alternative lifestyle concerns, sex positivity, polyamory, open relationships, multi-faceted treatment styles, work, and career issues or looking to achieve meaningful direction in life, I am available to assist you on that journey. I look forward to working with you towards achieving emotional relief and understanding.

Please call or email me for an individual, couples, family, or group consultation today.